Case Study: MyVaxines web app and branding

copy of John Doe's immunization history document laid on a wooden table. Looking down at it from a birds eye view on top

The goal was to replace this paper record with a web app


Instead of using a paper immunization record, seen above, was a seed funded startup with a vision for transforming the vaccines infrastructure system by using a web app providing vaccine management solutions for individuals and for organizations that administer vaccines and retrieve vaccine histories.

The MyVaxines platform included tools for families and individuals, for vaccine providers and for vaccine managers.

This is my role in redesigning and rebranding to become a deeper, more educational and more engaging user experience.

My Roles

I led the UI, UX, visual design, style guide and branding efforts to give MyVaxines brand equity and an user experience that primarily focuses on several specific business goals including targeting families.

User Research

The focus of the immunization documentation industry is on the providers and not the people who receive them i.e. the family.

Numerous studies and surveys show that the majority of household purchasing and health decisions are made by the mom.

Individuals and families need to be appropriately immunized to decrease their risk of disease.

Individuals and families have a lifelong need to maintain their immunization records while making them readily available to organizations such as schools and employers.

Vaccination history can become scattered across different providers.

User Persona

Since our focus became the mom, I created an user persona of a mom to help our team set a strategy for the app and more refined branding for the company.

This persona included such details as her occupation, educational background, how many children, age of children, occupation of husband and if the family lives in a rural, urban or suburban environment. It also included such psychographic details as her values and lifestyle.

user flow diagram of the mobile site for theatrics. Thre are two statesL logged in and not logged in.


I made extensive use of the whiteboard for sketches. I also made user sign up flow diagrams and wireframes.

Design Execution and More Testing

I designed and did front end development for a ASP.NET framework. I executed wireframes, site maps, user flow diagrams and design specs.

The two areas that were most scrutinized were:

  • What type of branding is best for our target audience?
  • How does the branding affect the UI and UX?

I redesigned the logo and chose shades of green and blue that were gender neutral and had an eye-catching yet soothing effect. I targeted moms because they typically are the shopping decision makers and health care managers of the house.

Initially, we hired an illustrator for water color paintings of scenes involving school children, doctors and related imagery. After testing, we switched to using standard stock photography as the test users weren't clear on what imagery was painted.

user flow diagram of the mobile site for theatrics. Thre are two statesL logged in and not logged in.


I managed up by presenting prototypes and mockups to the founder and other stakeholders. I managed beside me by working with lead software engineers to implement my UI designs within the framework.

The Challenge

Make it easy to vaccinate your family.

There were three parts for our challenge.

  • Convey that myvaxines securely stores your lifelong immunization records.
  • Convey that myvaxines verifies and maintain compliance with federal or state guidelines for immunizations.
  • Convey that myvaxines handles each state health departments rules about retrieving records electronically
seven wireframes of the mobile site for theatrics showing different states of tapping on different aspects.
seven wireframes of the mobile site for theatrics showing different states of tapping on different aspects.

The Work Flow

UI design was broken into parallel workflows using the waterfall model of software development. I led the design for all aspects related to the UI (design patterns, icons, typography, style guide), UX research and UX design.

Make it easy to vaccinate your family.

Customer Insights

These are the key insights and target audience pain points that formed the beta version of the product:

  • It's difficult to maintain your lifelong immunization records especially if you move.
  • It's difficult to verify and maintain compliance with federal or state guidelines for immunizations.
  • Every state health department has different rules about retrieving records electronically

MyVaxines’ platform empowers families to manage their vaccines and therefore decide to see the doctor and comply with preadmission health regulations for sports and science camps.

Educating the user about our platform

At the time, there was no precedent for MyVaxines in Texas. We had to make sure that users knew what our company did, what makes us different and why families should break their normal routine to store their immunization records using our platform.

Earning Users Trust

The main goal was to get users to register and add their vaccine data. We focused on making the process as simple as possible while clearly explaining how secure their data would be.

  1. What is MyVaxines?
  2. Is my data secure?
  3. Does it cost anything?
The main goal was to get users to register and add their vaccine data.

How We Created MyVaxines

Make Signing Up Easy

The important part of the whole concept was the sign up pages. These pages educate and inform and are the reason for visitors joining or changing their mind and not joining.

  1. Learn about MyVaxines.
  2. Sign up and register your family.
  3. Customize Registry Options.
  4. Add your familys vaccincation data.
picture of apple cinema display with browser scrolled to top opened on Aurelia: Edge of Darkness online show inside theatrics platform.

Simplify the Dashboard

Anything medical record-wise contains lots of complex data so I designed the logged in page as simple as possible with easy legibility. I used the ImmTrac paper registry as a guide for what goes in the information hierarchy.

Testing the MVP

We were wary of building and releasing the app when the concept was still unproven. I created prototypes for thorough user testing.

Detailed Specs

I created two rounds of detailed photoshop mockups and rapid prototypes during this project for testing.

Technical Challenges

We did thorough research in to securing the site and all data in it.

The Impact

Unfortunately there are no user metrics to present as this was still in the beta and MVP phase.

What I Learned

Civic Tech and Health Tech are not quick fixes

Technology can solve a lot of issues. However, applying a "tech band-aid" to specific recurring issues takes time, resources and a thorough understanding. The market for these areas is growing as local and state governments will spend an estimated $25.5 billion on information technology in 2015.

The End

I wish I could say myvaxines became a game changing company.

I enjoyed working on this platform because it tackled a complex, intricate and inefficient governmental problem head on that most organizations and providers simply accept without trying to improve it. I enjoyed attempting to simplify this situation by giving everybody a place to store their vaccines.